You probably want to have a look around the site. That’s cool, just let us break the ice a little first.

Photography was never my strong suit. Image via Chad Ellis.


Raised in Birmingham, I am a graduate of Linguistics and History with a desire to achieve the utmost in life by reaching new goals continuously. I have a constant worry of being pigeon-holed therefore I try to be as versatile as possible.

I’m an aspiring polyglot currently learning French when I am not blogging or working as a store manager for a premium brand or working on other projects. Previously I’ve taught English during my spare-time to non-native speakers and that was an enjoyable experience. As well as this I am a member of The National Autistic Society I have been involved in various awareness events, such as World Autism Awareness Day and The Autism Show. I’ve also took up learning to play an electric guitar, chess, poker and my continuous belligerent efforts of growing a Bonsai Tree!

I feel that this is the time of my life in which I make the most of what is available to me. This website is simply a means of me outlining my musings with my own quirky twist on things. As the entries increase I may come across a niche subject I specifically want to tackle but for now it’s a case of whatever sticks to the wall. Time to get throwing!






Q&A Time

Nice and simple start: can you tell me some stuff that you like?

I’m a supporter of the continuously underachieving Aston Villa as well as Denver Nuggets. Outside of academic stuff I like my gadgets, I’m continuously swapping phones and currently I’m working the iPhone 7 Plus in skinny jeans look. I’m also a big fan of satire and you will see it come out now here. I like being politically savvy so I tend to stay updated on news and current affairs. Then I like getting through a few drinks at the local bar with friends at the end of the week to unwind!

What is your favourite TV Show?

I really enjoy Breaking Bad, The Blacklist, Peep Show, House of Cards and How I Met Your Mother. Saying that, the best program ever syndicated upon the British shores is still David E. Kelley’s Boston Legal. Rhona Mitra, James Spader and William Shatner, what else could anyone possibly want?

Pretty wide range on TV then. What about cinema? You ever go?

Not much of a movie-watcher however anything directed by Judd Apatow I tend to like.

We’ve covered TV and movies. What about musical interests?

I’m fairly eclectic to be honest! Love Heavy Metal and Rock music however spent most of my childhood listening to Hip-Hop. Killswitch Engage, Seether, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Joe Budden are my current favourites!

What is the brainwave behind the name mutelinguist?

During childhood I regressed and was mute for over a year and paediatricians told my parents that there was a strong possibility that I would never speak. Fortunately I have come along brilliantly and I now have a degree in Linguistics (and History). I feel the prospect of being mute as a child and now having a strong interest and a degree in language act as an oxymoron of sorts, hence the moniker.

Wow, okay! Last question: If you could change one thing about the world today what would it be?

I tend to focus on what I can change about myself rather than what I can proscribe. Saying that I bought a Nickelback CD years ago and feel life is still holding me responsible for it. So I guess you have that, too.